This is not the Pasty you were looking for.. Gepids in ADLG

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This is not the Pasty you were looking for.. Gepids in ADLG

Postby madaxeman » Wed Feb 26, 2020 8:05 am

For the first set of battle reports from events held in the roaring 20's the Gepid army assembles in glorious 28mm and then travels down the A30 all the way to the edge of Cornwall in order to assault the pasty-crust foothills and mountains of success at the 2020 PAW competition in Plymouth.


Will this complex and clever army of maniacally charging one-dimensional horse warriors manage to discover the meaty taste of success, or will they find that they have they bitten off more stewed vegetables of indeterminate provenance than they are able to chew?


One game against Trimverate Roman, two battles against the Seleucids and a final round playing the Sassanian Empire will show the answer in these 4 full-scale West Country reports.

May the Pasty be With You!

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Re: This is not the Pasty you were looking for.. Gepids in A

Postby Bronshtein » Sat Feb 29, 2020 4:51 pm

Good weekend for the Gepids!
Surprised at the Sassanid defeat, but then I have invested so much in my own Sassanid army I am reluctant to believe the rumours they are not invincible.(although goodness knows why, given the number of defeats I have suffered with them. I'd always put it down to 'bad luck' - maybe its a generic Sassanid thing?).
Great report as always.
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